Budapest tours

How about a tandem ride? Want to see another face of Budapest?
Explore the city with Tandem Budapest!

Important information: the tours are suspended!

Riding a bike is fun – driving tandem is even better! Learn to ride the world’s funniest two person vehicle and see Budapest as never before, during our three-hour tours!

You can join our city adventures twiceo times a day, meet our tour operators at 10AM or 4PM at Városliget, Kertem pub.

Our programs may change, please have a look at before booking!
You can join us on your own or with a friend, a girlfriend or relative, does not matter where you come from – fun is guaranteed riding with us!

You help the visually impaired with your exciting experiences! A part of the tour price is a donation for the visually impaired.

Our tandem tours start in May, now you can try our tours on a discount price!

The tours cost 5000HUFuf/person

Art nouveau beauties of Budapest

Thursday 10 am

Take the possibility to visit some of the significant art nouveau buildings of Budapest, becoame familiar with the variety of the period, the history of the buildings and architecture. The stops of the tour are the following:

Léderer-mansion and the Bráuch-house, the Paris-mall, Hecht-parlour, ‘Savings-bank’ on Szent István square, Gresham-palace, Rózsavölgyi-house Török Bank-house, Orthodox community-headquarters, Dob street, the Synagogue on Kazinczy street, the Dob street school, the Lutheran church on Városligeti fasor, the Kötössy-house


The world of the „ruin pubs”

Friday 10 am, Saturday 4 pm

The „ruin pubs” have becoame one of the most interesting sights of Budapest induring a few years timeperiod. The idea is to open a pub in the abandoned buildings of Budapest, many times only for athe quite short period until of time, because they will be demolished for a new building to be built. Of course these pubs are only installed in structurally absolutely safe buildings. We will introduce you to the world, building and audience of these pubs, of course without taking any alcohol, as drinking and riding is forbidden in Hungary! The stops of the tour:

Instant, Ötkert, Gozsdu udvar, on the Kazinczy street: from Ellátó garden to Szimpla garden, Fogasház, Dürer, Kertem


’Beyond the Postcards’: photography tour

Saturday 10 am

This tour is led by a professional photographer, who will show the best viewpoints, the most interesting photo-themes, and will also help you to get the settings on your camera right!

We will visit many of the most popular sights and take non-typical pictures. During the stops you will have a chance to discuss subjects like exposition, focus, light, focal distance, etc. with the photographer. The stops of the tour:

Heroes square, Kodály körönd, Szent István Basilica, the Danube bank, Kazinczy street, the War Memorial of 1956, Városliget


Blind Budapest

Thursday, Friday 4 pm

The leader of this tour will be a blind or partially sighted person, sitting – of course – on the back seat of one of the tandems. He/she will show how he/she ‘sees’ Budapest. The tour will also show blind and partially sighted ‘friendly’ and ‘non-friendly’ crossings and junctions. The stops of the tour:

The National Institution for Blind People, the Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted, the Vajdahunyad castle, oktogon square, Deák square, Arany János street, Szabadság square, Dob street, Király street, Városligeti fasor

Adventure tour in the city

Wednesday 10 am

The Adventure tour is a community-building adventurous ride with lots of city know-hows . The participants have to solve tasks to reach the upcoming stops. Logical, physical and skilful tasks will take also place during the tour.

Tour around the world

Wednesday 4 pm

Explore the worlds of movie shooting sites, as many popular movies have been shot in Budapest, with star actors and actresses like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, … . The group leader will show scripts from the movies and tell interesting stories about the the shootings and the stars. The stops of the tour:

Movies: Evita (Buenos Aires- Hősök square, Szabadság square), Die Hard 5 (Moscow-Szabadság square, Városligeti fasor, Vörösmarty street, Museum of Fine Arts, 56-osok square), Gloomy Sunday – Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod – (Budapest), I spy (Budapest) , Hellboy II (Budapest) , Red Heat(Moszkva), Mortal Kombat (imaginary), Spy Game (East-Berlin) , Underworld (imaginary- Gozsdu yard), Munich (Rome, Paris, Netherland, London)
The stops of the tour:

Heroes square, Kodály körönd, Kálmán Imre street, Kossúth square, Danube bank, Szent István square, Madách dquare, Gozsdu yard, Rózsák square, Felvonulási square


Explore the city and the joy of riding a tandem!

Our actions, helping the handicapped has broadened with new projects in 2013. With projects that can financially maintain themselves, while help the handicapped. We support the blind and partially sighted with the tours income.

On our tours we welcome Hungarians, foreigners, civil persons or company members, blind, partially sighted or sighted persons. You can become richer with many experiences by participating in the tours: meet Budapest from different views, experience a very unique two-wheeled vehicle!

You can try the tandems in Városliget, in a traffic-free environment. The 3 hour thematic tours start after the short ‘warm up’. The tours are led by 2 professionals: one tour guide and an escort person.

Tandem Budapest tours will start in spring 2013. All tandems are constructed of high quality components, assembled with precision, thus are very reliable, 2 person vehicles. Helmets, visibility vests are provided on request.

“It’s more fun in couples!” – explore the World with tandems!